Day 7: And the Rain Came Pouring Down

May 4, 2011

On our last full day on the island we decided to walk to the St. Regis and go to the beach (at this point we were really tired of loading the kids into the car and gambling on whether they would sleep/entertain themselves or scream their fool heads off). 

We walked through the hotel and used the elevators to get down to the beach (Ryan was disappointed that the “Blender Guys” were not open yet). Clouds had begun to roll in and the water was chilly, but nothing was going to keep the toddler from wading right in.

Unfortunately, we had not been there very long when the clouds turned even darker and the rain began to pour. We sheltered under one of the large trees, but still got soaked through by the time the storm blew over.

Bill and Nancy left to go visit Limahuli botanic garden, but I thought since we were already wet, why not stay at the beach? The children (and Sam) were pretty crabby, though, so we started back. I didn’t want to take the sand-covered stroller back through the hotel, so we carted it up the stairs – whew! 

I drove to North Shore Grindz for burgers while Sam tried to get the kids down for naps (to no avail). Bill and Nancy returned and suggested we go to the pool. With other adults to look after my kids, I got to lounge in the hot tub, which was simply divine (though Ryan did manage to hit the emergency stop button, so we had no bubbles…).

With rain clouds still looming and our tummies growling, we cleaned up and drove into Hanalei with the intention of just picking up something quick, but instead decided to go into Bouchon’s. They proudly advertised a keiki menu on the outside menu board, so we assumed the kids would be welcome and catered to. Oh, but we were so wrong… The food (when it finally arrived) was the best we had eaten all week, so we may return again on a future date night (but certainly without children younger than oh, 14).

Back to the condo to drink wine, listen to the rain fall and reminisce about the week's adventures.