Day 5: My Sandy Little Piece of Heaven

May 2, 2011

Monday morning Bill and Nancy headed to the Wyndham timeshare presentation and we walked to the Foodland to pick up picnic supplies, stopping for a few minutes at the playground.

We then all drove down to Anini Beach, which we discovered on our Sept 09 trip (when Ryan was 9 months old) and just fell in love with.

Just as we arrived and unloaded all our gear, the tsunami warning signal sounded, which I learned sounds at noon the first Monday of each month.

Ryan, now deciding he was a born waterman, charged into the ocean as soon as we put his suit on. He loved the warm water, the calm waves, and the great variety of coral pieces that came in on the tide.

The roosters were also great entertainment, as well as the guy who decided to launch his windsurf board from right where we were sitting, nowhere near the boat launch – he just charged through our little picnic with his gear…

Jack, on the other hand, took a bottle and promptly fell asleep inthe shade. We ate lunch (turkey sandwiches taste a little different when the people upwind from you decide to spark up…) and lolled in the surf. We saw snorkelers farther out near the reef, but we hadn’t brought any gear.

We knew/hoped both boys would be pretty pooped after all the fresh air, so we decided to load them in the car and drive south – I wanted to check out Kukui’ula Village and swing by the Spouting Horn vendors for some souvenirs.

The boys did sleep all the way to the South Shore (we even continued straight on the highway to Lawai before looping back to Poipu).

We first stopped at Lappert’s, where I HAD to order a milkshake so Ryan could see the blender go again (like I said, OBSESSED), and he got his first ice cream cone (chocolate, of course, when he was wearing a white shirt).

We then turned our attention to Living Foods, but quickly realized that it was not much different than our local Whole Foods (except for more locally-sourced food). They had monchong but I couldn’t get excited about cooking dinner, particularly once I realized that we were going to be stuck in Kapa’a traffic AGAIN.

A quick stop at Spouting Horn (Ryan was not impressed by the water but he did want to touch everything at the vendor stalls) and we headed north.

We stopped at the Safeway in Kapa’a for formula and to pick up something at the deli for dinner. No dice on either one – apparently, babies on Kauai only drink Similac, and the deli had been cleaned out of everything except spicy tuna rolls (Ryan likes sushi but not spicy tuna).

I gave him half of a PB&J left over from lunch and we headed for that great standby, McDonald’s, where I ordered the McTeri Burger but was not thrilled with it (isn’t the teriyaki sauce supposed to be on the burger, not the bun?). I also didn’t think it was possible to put more salt on fries than our neighborhood McD’s, but apparently they learned it from the Kapa’a location – whoa.

Traffic, traffic, traffic and a crabby baby made us all antsy, but eventually we pulled through it and headed up the coast. Bath and bedtime went smoothly and we sat out on the patio watching the thunderstorm while drinking wine with Bill and Nancy. A bird kept swooping by, which I assumed was a pueo, but an internet search indicated that they are pretty rare, so perhaps it was something else?

I had to excuse myself at 9 p.m. when “my” show came on – I watched Hawaii 5-0 while in Hawaii, reading Honolulu magazine (with Alex O’Loughlin on the cover, of course).